Hello My Name Is...

ShainaLee Smales, RN


:  ShainaLee Smales, RN

Title:  School Nurse for Owyhee Combined School

Health Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 10am-2pm

Contact Information:


Phone:  (775) 757-3400 ext. 2340

Getting to know me

-          Personal Information:

o   My Family:

§  Mother of 5:  Rosemary, Faleua, Kelepi, Seluvaia and Star (three girls and two boys),

§  Grandmother of 7 -soon to be 8:  Kolton, Kilkeny, Klayton, Karee, Killian, S.J. (Star Jr), Arrow (5 boys and 2 girls -so far).

o   My Family History:  I come from a long line of addiction and other mental health disorders on both sides of my family so these areas of health have a special interest to me.

o   My Geography:  I was Born in Montana, but raised mostly in Alaska.  I have lived in Montana, Oregon, Peru -South America, Alaska, California and Nevada.

o   My Hobbies:  I LOVE water!  Frozen/unfrozen.  Snowboarding is my number 1 hobby.  I also like to kayak, paddle board, snorkel, ice skate, cross country ski, snow shoe, hike in the mountains and camp.

o   My Likes/Dislikes:

§  Likes: 

·         Sweet and sour candy

·         Strawberry/Rhubarb pie -with lots of fresh Whip Cream!

·         Happy Endings

·         Adventures

·         Triumphs

·         My animal friends:  7 chickens; 2 dogs; (eventually honey bees, goats & sheep).

·         My independence

§  Dislikes:

·         Harsh Judgments

·         Injustice

·         Violence

·         Eating animal hearts and gizzards

·         Food stuck in my teeth

-          Education: 

o   Montana Tech – Pre-Nursing

o   Great Basin College – Associate of Science in Nursing

§  Currently working toward my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

-          Work History:  I have been a nurse for 9 years

o   Golden Health

§  Clinic Nurse

o   Dr. Shane Draper

§  Podiatric Nurse

o   North Eastern Nevada Regional Hospital

§  Labor & Delivery Nurse

§  Infusion Nurse

o   Highland Manor

§  Geriatric Nurse

o   Elko County School District

§  School Nurse