Our School

Located in the northeastern corner of the state, the reservation school system was consolidated into the Elko County School District of Nevada in 1956. Today, we are known as the Owyhee Combined School. With recent accreditation, it is an honor and a privilege to serve 305 pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade students. We’re proud of our Braves, their families, and our teachers and staff who all work together to bring forth the excellence we know all are capable of.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is for every student to Believe, Achieve, and Succeed in life.

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Students have the right to expect:

  • an atmosphere that is conducive to learning;

  • a curriculum that is challenging, yet appropriate to their needs;

  • teachers who desire to create an interest in learning;

  • fair and unbiased treatment from teachers and administrators;

  • to be informed on those areas of policy that directly affect their performance and education;

  • free and open dialogue with the administration on items of mutual interest and concern;

  • channels of appeal to be open to arrive at satisfactory solutions;

  • those who abuse the rights of others to be appropriately disciplined; and

  • leadership and guidance in their educational careers and post-high school endeavors.

Responsibilities make rights possible. In order to secure them, students have the responsibility to:

  • take full advantage of the educational opportunities afforded them;

  • strive always for excellence of performance in all activities in the home, school, and community;

  • be punctual;

  • be in attendance, barring illness or other bona fide emergency;

  • not jeopardize the learning opportunities of others; and

  • gather facts through proper channels and meaningful dialogue prior to drawing critical conclusions.

Fast Facts

Grades: PK–12
Students: 305
Colors: Columbia Blue, Red & White
Mascot: Braves
Motto: Believe! Achieve! Succeed!

7–12 Bell Schedule

Student Chromebooks

We are honored with the privilege of having Chromebooks for our students. It is imperative that students carry their Chromebooks to school and home every single school day.