OCS Weekly Bulletin

Be sure to check this page daily for the information and announcements you need most. We want to be sure you stay actively involved in all of the opportunities at OCS.

Week of April 15

Please take a moment to view our upcoming events.


We have less than two months until graduation. Help your student finish strong, attend classes and do their best on any tests or exams. Save the date for graduation ~ June 7 at 4 PM, location TBD.

Counselor Classroom

The school counselor is having QuaverEd classes for Pre-K through 6th grades every other Tuesday each month. QuaverEd is a comprehensive elementary curriculum that covers various lessons using an interactive platform.


April is Sexual Assault Awareness/Prevention Month. The counselor, social worker and Hope Squad plan to work on information to provide to our students.

ECSD School Board of Trustees Meeting

The school board meeting is tomorrow here in Owyhee. The meetings begin at 5:30 PM local time and the location is TBD.


The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) tests will be administered next week beginning April 16 with the Math CAT (computer adapted testing) and the Math PT (performance task) on the 17th. Science SBAC CAT and PT are scheduled April 18. The English CAT will be on April 24 and the English PT on April 25. These tests are required by the Nevada Department of Education.

Visiting Author/Writing Workshops

The Title VI Program is excited to announce that Tanaya Winder, Singer/Song Writer, Indigenous Storyteller, Motivational Speaker will be at the school the week of April 22. Ms. Winder will speak to students and provide workshops to selected students. This presentation is provided through the efforts of Chrystyna Hernandez and Barbara Pete. Schedule will be available soon.

Healthy Body and Mind

Health presentations delivered by Dr. Cope have not been rescheduled f for secondary students.

  • High School - TBD

  • Junior High - TBD


We are hoping to have a regular, full-time nurse on board soon.

Title VI

Title VI meeting is scheduled for April 15 at 4:30 PM PST, 5:30 PM MST. The meetings are in Elko and are available via Google Meet. Please consider joining or attending the Title VI meetings.

Administrative Secretary

Please join us in welcoming Crystal Kelly on board as our Administrative Secretary. Ms. Kelly has a wealth of experience and is settling in to her position. Thank you to Andrea Thomas for your hard work in doing double duty in the Library and office.

Pathways to Wellness

The next class is scheduled in May.


The prom "At Last I See the Light" is May 4 and is sponsored by the junior class. The promenade will be at 6:30 PM and the dance is scheduled from 7:30 PM to 11 PM. No cost to attend. Any non-students guests require prior approval and will receive a guest pass upon approval.


High School Track will compete at the Ward Coates Invitational Track Meet in Spring Creek on April 19. Coaches are Gene Blossom and Leilani Thorpe.

The junior high has the opportunity to participate in the new pilot soccer program. Interested students need to contact Lynn Manning-John, Athletic Director and must be eligible to participate. If there is enough student-athlete interest, the team will need a coach. Anyone interested in coaching the soccer team needs to write a letter of interest to Mrs. John and list coaching experience. We are still seeking players.